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Everyone's writing a book - but few books get read

Why waste your time, energy and money writing a book that never gets read? Forget about publishing that 'calling card' book that never gets opened, or copying (oops) modelling your competitor's books because it must be working for them, right? Find out how to write a book that people want to read, and feel compelled to share...

The trick is to write a book that people read and refer

That way your marketing is built in (that's the bit you're really not looking forward to right?) You're not adding marketing on to the end (and you know you'll never do it). You have a ready and waiting audience of book buyers, readers and referers...

It's simpler than you think, because there's a process

It's not about guesswork and hoping. There's a proven process, steps you should take, checks and tests... When you know the process you can write books people read and refer.

The four free workshops will show you how to:

Session 1 - Stop the overwhelm: Why short beats long to help your reader

You need to get short valuable ideas out to your market in a professional way, as quickly as possible.

Wednesday 7th September, 2022 
4pm (GMT+1) / 5pm (GMT+2)

Session 2 - Stop guessing: How to work out who really needs your book

No messing about with avatars and personas (mental masturbation), we'll get right to the heart of the reader.

Wednesday 14th September, 2022 
4pm (GMT+1) / 5pm (GMT+2)

Session 3 - Stop hoping: How to stop hoping the right people will magically find your book

Marketing won't be an after thought, your book will be so valuable people will refer it.

Wednesday 21st September, 2022 
4pm (GMT+1) / 5pm (GMT+2)

Session 4 - Stop waiting: Why a process will help you stop waiting to start writing

You'll never have writer's block, doubt your authority (dreaded imposter syndrome!) or second guess your strategy.

Wednesday 28th September, 2022 
4pm (GMT+1) / 5pm (GMT+2)

In just four simple sessions

We'll focus on:

Getting out of the chaos so you know what to write and who for, easily

Setting constraints so you only do the right things, reducing wasted time and effort

Embracing creation as your responsibility and the best way of making a difference

Joanne Irving Ph.D

Senior Executive Adviser / Leadership Expert / Author / Management Consultant / Executive Coach / Psychologist

Debs helped me wrestle my concepts into a proposal that was accepted for commercial publication

I have worked with a variety of coaches over the years and am an executive advisor and coach myself, so the bar is high for whom I consider to be an excellent coach. Debs exceeds my expectations.
I first hired her while struggling to write a proposal for my book. Her wit, intelligence, and indomitable spirit helped me wrestle my concepts into a proposal that was accepted for commercial publication. So, when it came time to write the book, there was no doubt in my mind that Debs was the one that would get me to the finish line. And I was not wrong. Now she is helping me increase my audience and impact.
I think of Debbie Jenkins as an irreplaceable member of my board of advisors. I highly recommend her without reservation.

Here's what you'll get when you join us

  • 4 Short Sessions - one per week in September - 40 minutes duration, hot seat for the brave!
  • Recordings so you can watch again
  • Worksheets, checklists, and the slidedecks, plus a free PDF of my: The Little Book of Big Decisions
  • Access to the inner dashboard I use with my clients to track progress, set constraints and get their book written

Why You Should Turn Up live

I strongly encourage you to come live to the sessions. You don't have to put your camera on, you can wear your PJs or party frocks, pets are invited. We all know you won't watch the recordings if you don't attend the workshop, so do what you can to show up!

There's a different energy when you're 'in the room' with the group

You don't get this energy from the recordings. 

I'll coach one person live in each session

You get a chance to be in the hot seat and ask me anything about writing, publishing and marketing your book. (Or anything else, I'm up for fun!)

I have some fun bonuses for people who stay till the end

I promise you'll want them... I only share them with my 1 to 1 coaching clients.

Happy Clients 

Debbie Jenkins has motivated, stimulated, pushed and pulled. I now have books in the making and weekly blogs. Thank you Debs: I could not have done it without you!

Drs. Sari van Poelje

Strategic Agile Business Innovation & Inspiring Team Leadership, EU startup & family business coach

I have been working with Debs for over 12 months and can honestly say that I couldn’t have written my book without her. She has been an absolute inspiration and has a wealth of experience, creativity and advice, which she has shared generously.

Estelle Read FCIPD

Executive Coach | Speaker | Author of Amazon Best Seller Inner Brilliance · Outer Shine

Deb is an incredibly gifted author and business mentor. Her knowledge is broad and deep, which makes every interaction not just a pleasure but a constructive step forward. I had a badly formed idea and she gave me the inspiration to turn this into something tangible and real. She knows when to challenge you, when to get you to focus, when to give encouragement to keep going and finally what to do to make it real.

Gareth Helm

Chief Marketing Officer | NED | Marketing Academy Fellow | Top 100 Most Effective Marketer

I hired Debs (again) when I began writing my first from-scratch, full-length book, The Power of Clarity. My plan was to self-publish. Having worked with Debs previously, I was certain that she could help me with the overall process, keep me from chasing my own tail when I should be charging ahead at full steam, while also helping me manage the loose ends so it was possible to charge ahead. She did both wonderfully. She knew when to push, prod, and inject structure, and when to back off and give me space. She also provided valuable feedback throughout the process.

Ann Latham - Queen of Clarity


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