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Hi, I'm Debs Jenkins

I’ve been running my own consultancy businesses for the last 25+ years. My first business was a digital marketing agency in the ’90s helping consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers and expert advisors to grow their business while reducing marketing waste. Over the next 3 years I grew that company to 12 employees, an office in the city, a chillax room for the team… I thought I knew what I was doing. But I missed capitalising on a vital step – I didn’t create enough assets that would work for me so that I didn’t have to keep on selling my own and my team’s time. I know that it’s easy to get caught up delivering to clients, keeping on top of trends and technology, marketing and proposal writing, racing from job to job. It’s hard to squeeze in time for your own personal professional development, let alone find space to think about creating assets. And there’s the dilemma, because without these assets you’ll always be bouncing from job to job, selling your time not your value, and leaving your best ideas on your busy desk. I can help you break that habit!

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What they say

I love this pragmatic, no-nonsense approach.  Debbie Jenkins pulls no punches, she knows (don’t we all) that many books start off being written as a business promotional tool – but that they don’t hit the mark, and end up being nothing more than expensive and time-consuming vanity projects. They don’t offer value to the reader and they certainly don’t pay back the time investment to the writer! 

I was delighted to see how you can follow this straightforward format to create a book that is of value to both the readers and the writer. This book is visual with lots of graphs and diagrams, flow charts and quirky illustrations, that makes it super-usable and very fast to get to grips with. 

Sue Haswell

- Trainer, Coach, Psychotherapist, -

STOP WRITING BOOKS NOBODY READS by Debbie Jenkins provides an informative and entertaining how-to for writing a book that will help you create a book that does the job you need it to do for your business. So-called experts often tell you what to do, but do not actually use their own advice or approach. Debbie Jenkins meta-advice is to provide value on every page of writing. She follows the advice in her book starting with the Table of Contents. She says, “If you can provide value in a table of contents, then the read will be confident you’re going to provide in the book.” The first chapter, titled “It’s about business, not vanity—your book has a job to do” sets the stage for identifying what you really want to gain from authoring a book. She then follows that up with exactly what to do to make that happen. She provides templates, practical techniques, and examples for how to create a book that works for your business. Debbie talks about writing a book for one person and she made me feel like that one person.

Dan Kowalski

- Solution Instigator at  Plan A Thinking, -