Three short books to help you scale with your assets not your time

Stop The
Credibility Crisis

Stop The Credibility Crisis is more than just a book; it's a movement towards a future where expert business owners are valued, trusted and sought after.

If you're ready to rise above the noise, establish undeniable trust, and ignite desire in your clients, then this is the blueprint you've been waiting for.

Take the first step towards ending the credibility crisis in your business. Get your copy today and start transforming your professional landscape!

Stop Writing Books Nobody Reads

When you’re trying to reach your target audience effectively, nothing beats a well-written business book. But it’s also tough to get right. Poorly written business books litter the virtual bookshelves.

Your book needs to be so interesting the reader devours it,
and then wants the next one.

Learn how to accomplish your author brand-building goals and create an outstanding book that is virtually guaranteed to be picked up, and read.

Stop Selling Books Nobody Buys

You've poured your heart and soul into crafting your masterpiece. Each word, a testament to sleepless nights and endless cups of coffee. But here's the twist: writing was just the beginning.

Ever felt that pang of disappointment? That sinking
feeling when your book, your brainchild, sits unnoticed?
You're not alone. Many authors, just like you, dream of
readers magically discovering their work. Others? They're
too scared to even whisper about their creation, fearing
they'll sound like a broken record.

It doesn't have to be so hard.
Stop selling the book.
Sell the transformation.


what people say

This book helps you stop ranting at yourself, the ever changing world and those others who have somehow 'made it' in your business space. Rather than 'stop the train I want to get off', Debs encourages us to drive our own train, under our control powering it with disruption, creation and connection.
I giggled at her 'you might be thinking' sections, as I recognised my own attitudes to myself and my expertise-based business. But she takes us step by step to what we can do. I loved the 3 question format at the end of each section. Not food for thought, food for action. Launch, learn, loop. Three little words that are a call to arms to those want to share their expertise with the wider world.

Dr Emma Williams, aka The Nerd Coach, author of three books for Postdocs, coffee loving physicist

From page one of The Credibility Crisis I found myself saying 'that's me!... That's exactly what I think too'. Debs has managed to pull together all the issues which consultants, coaches and 'thought leaders' are facing in today's fast moving environment.
The key issue for me is how do I stand out, and in this book you will find yourself stretched and challenged.  There are so many models that can help you identify where you need to act: P51 - the scale of disruption, P93 Scale of connection and the 'Desire/Trust' Quadrant".

Elaine Gold, Business Diplomat

We live in noisy times. Knowing how to not only stand out, but also have people trust you has never been harder. But also never been easier. Debs Jenkins has made a career out of helping good people package their thoughts in a way that helps them get in front of the right people and deliver the right message to showcase their credibility.
If you aspire to serve more people, this book is required and should be the next book on your reading list. I can certainly vouch for the credibility of the author!

Callum Laing, Entrepreneur, Investor and client of Debs (because he loves me)

Hi, I'm Debs Jenkins

I’ve been running my own consultancy businesses for the last 25+ years. My first business was a digital marketing agency in the ’90s helping consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers and expert advisors to grow their business while reducing marketing waste. Over the next 3 years I grew that company to 12 employees, an office in the city, a chillax room for the team… I thought I knew what I was doing. But I missed capitalising on a vital step – I didn’t create enough assets that would work for me so that I didn’t have to keep on selling my own and my team’s time. I know that it’s easy to get caught up delivering to clients, keeping on top of trends and technology, marketing and proposal writing, racing from job to job. It’s hard to squeeze in time for your own personal professional development, let alone find space to think about creating assets. And there’s the dilemma, because without these assets you’ll always be bouncing from job to job, selling your time not your value, and leaving your best ideas on your busy desk. I can help you break that habit!

critics corner

What they say

Anyone with expert or consultancy status would do well to read this before their next marketing investment. We all know that Social Media has re-written the script on buying, we can often see how real expertise is being replaced by gazillion-view teenage influencers. We even have senior politicians telling us: “people have had enough of experts”. As if that’s not enough, now we have the additional challenges of AI. And yes, you might be fondly thinking of the past – remembering the past “credible you”, who could demonstrate wisdom based on years of knowledge, testimonials and experience. But now, you might be feeling your degrees, background, experiences are no longer needed? Did you just need a YouTube channel all along? So how do you find your clients? How does a serious buyer look for a credible advisor? What’s happening to credibility?  What do you, the expert, do – to prove your own?
Answer: We need experts more than ever to help find our way through the attention-grabbing, loud, sparkly, vacuous fall-out. Fortunately, Debs (in her inimitable style, with humour and self-deprecation, and a LOT of actual experience – despite her youthful looks she’s no millennial!) has taken the nebulous and essential concept of Credibility and provided a flexible framework for the credibility crisis that we are now in.

sue haswell

- Trainer, Coach, Psychotherapist, -

Almost 60 years ago, Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan wrote a song called “It’ Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding). In it he has a line “That he not busy being born is busy dying.” He wrote this when mainframe computers took up tons of floor space and required massive cooling and other infrastructure. Only academics and large corporations had access. Today we carry more computing power in our pockets. With this acceleration of technology, Mr. Dylan could update his lyrics to say if we are not busy being born, then we are BUSIER dying. No need for this update because in “Stop the Credibility Crisis” Debbie Jenkins has covered this. Unlike Mr. Dylan, who only makes us wonder what to do, Ms. Jenkins provides several how-to techniques to confront the crisis in credibility we all face. (Yes, all of us!) Even if you work inside of a company, your credibility can be (or already is) in crisis. (For the record, Debbie says she has not written a how-to book, but she has put quite a lot of how after telling you why you should do something to up your credibility.)
Her three tenets of Disrupt, Create, Connect sound simple. Nevertheless, they require action, intentionality, and effort. (Perhaps Mr. Dylan knew it would take work to be ‘busy’ being born?) She provides great ideas for how to keep busy and become even more credible. If you need more reasons to read this book, the endnotes provide information and entertainment. Where else will you find references to Drucker, Epictetus, Emerson, AND the movie “This Is Spinal Tap”?


- Solution Instigator at  Plan A Thinking, -